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Use Telephone Number including areacode, eg 15544123

Info on PSTN Phonebill

As part of the customer care, Nepal Telecom introduces monthly PSTN billing statements on the Internet. Customer are informed that, only last 3 months' PSTN Landline bill will be made available from this website. And provided statement is meant for viewing only and can't be claimed as authentic as pre-printed bill.
Be Informed
  • Use locking code to avoid unauthorized use of telephone.
  • Beware of frauds while leasing your telephone line.
  • Save money - use STD/ISD facility. STD/ISD is faster and cost effective than operator assisted call.
  • If you have to rush many counters to pay the bill, avail yourself with consolidated billing facility to pay all bills in Bank or in Head
  • office counter of Nepal Telecom.
  • TSC (Telecom Service Charge) is charged 11% and VAT is charged 13%.

Telephone Tariffs, please check the latest in the web site of Nepal Telecom. URL is

Information relating to PSTN Phone Bills
Local and long distance calls statement is provided on monthly basis.
Bill must be paid within the period as specified in the Telephone card.
High payer subscribers can make payment on weekly basis in the month running.
Complaints, if any, in billing statement can be emailed within 30 days of billing using Feed Back.

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