PSTN Phonebill Registration

Enter telephone number with area code excluding starting 0 (zero). for example 15545875

Please read these instructions carefully and then start registering to let you access your billing statement.

Registration Procedure

Before you proceed for registration, you should have at least one bill of any recent past months to have an idea about your account number.
The telephone number should be of just 8 digits as Area Code + Tel Number. For example, if you are a subscriber of Kathmandu (being area code 1) with tel no 4455667, you should insert it as 14455667. You can also refer to your earlier billing statements.
The subscriber name and address (case sensitive) should be entered as same as that printed in your previous billing statements. However,if you fail to supply the desired information, you will not be registered.
You should enter a password of your choice and should remember it to access statements. Password is case sensitive.

Terms and Conditions

This service is currently available for the telephone subscribers of whole Nepal.
  • The Telephone Billing Statement provided in this site is just for Viewing purpose only and can't be claimed as authentic as pre-printed bill due to whatsoever technical reasons.
  • The special subscribers of Kathmandu (having consolidated bills) should get their authentication key from the Head office counter.
  • Telephone billing statement of a month will be made available in this site in between 15-17th of the next month.

Sign Up

Use Telephone Number including Areacode, eg 15544123

check your receipt for a/c no.
fields marked with (*) are mandatory